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Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015

International Minute Press Franchise Business in Winston-Salem Relocates to Uniquely Designed Log Cabin Property; Reports Increased Foot Traffic and Tremendous Sales Growth

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For Kelly Boviall, moving his International Minute Press franchise has become a boon for his business. He found and renovated a uniquely designed log cabin located right off a major four-lane highway,  and the result has been tremendous sales  growth, a huge increase in walk-in traffic, and sincere compliments from the community for bringing new life to an old space.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Like many small business owners, International Minute Press owner Kelly Boviall was at a crossroads when his lease was about to expire over the summer. Kelly felt the rent was too high to renew, so he embarked on a journey to find the right fit for relocation. After researching 20 properties, Boviall found a uniquely designed log cabin on right off a major four-lane highway that he just couldn’t pass up. “The way it was laid out was perfect for our business, and it was definitely unique.”

Located right off Route 67 at 3490 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem, N.C., Boviall’s new International Minute Press center has the perfect combination of uniqueness and visibility that has become a huge draw for those who pass by and decided to check it out. The increased foot traffic and word of mouth has resulted in a tremendous increase in sales since Boviall moved into the new facility. “We’ve never had walk-ins like this before,” Boviall says. “I’ve received large orders out of small jobs, simply because people are coming in to see us and then talking to their friends and neighbors.”

When asked about the difference between renting his old space and owning his new one, Boviall indicates that there is no comparison: “Not only did we remove the burden of renting our retail space, but because we are now in such a unique location, everyone has been so receptive. People walk in and their jaws drop. There is a coolness factor that makes people want to come see us, and this has helped us generate more interest, gain more customers, and grow our business.”

“Kelly is the consummate entrepreneur,” says David Walton, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for the Carolinas. “He found the perfect new home for his business and I love the unique look and feel of the new property. The design and setup of his new International Minute Press franchise location makes it a real conversation piece and a community favorite.”

The Winston-Salem community is also thrilled that Kelly Boviall’s International Minute Press franchise has found a new home. The log cabin property that he moved into was previously abandoned. “The people who come in have all thanked us for doing these renovations and revitalizing the location,” he says with pride, and Boviall is not done. “We still have some work to do and things we want to add, but so far, so good.”With the increase in sales, Boviall plans to reinvest what he can back into the business. “We want to finish the renovations and once I get the property to where I want it, I want to increase our marketing and advertising.”Check out photos of the newly relocated International Minute Press in Winstom-Salem, visit Kelly Boviall and the team at 3490 Reynolda Road, or give them a call at (336) 760-0505. You can also check out their website here.For franchise opportunities, please complete the form. Connect with Minuteman Press on LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter