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How This Air Force Veteran Built a New Life and Started a Minuteman Press Business after Returning Home

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Mike Rodziankoserved in the U.S. Air Force for 22 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.He then worked in Russia for over a decade assisting with the enforcement of nucleararms treaties, where he met his wife Oksana. When it was time for Mike toreturn home, he and Oksana built a new life in Manassas, Virginia, where they haveowned and operated their Minuteman Press franchise for two years.

MANASSAS, Va. – It has been a long road forU.S. Air Force Veteran Mike Rodzianko and his wife Oksana. The couple first metin Moscow where Mike was working as a government contractor after serving 22years in the Air Force. As a retired Lieutenant Colonel who could speakRussian, Rodzianko was tasked with helping the Russian Federation on compliancewith nuclear arms treaties. He lived in Russia for over a decade, when suddenlyit was time to come home. “We had our apartment in Moscow,” he says, “but thenit came time to leave. The Russian government pulled my Work Visa, and that wasthat.”

Building a New Life andStarting Business Back Home

WhenMike was offered a job in Manassas, he and Oksana decided to build themselves abrand new house. “Then, the investors pulled out of the project, and we wereleft scrambling. I looked around for other jobs but found that I wasoverqualified for the jobs that were out there.”

Withhis house half-built and his job taken off the table, Mike Rodzianko decided tolook into owning his own business. After doing some research, Mike found afranchise opportunity with Minuteman Press to be the right fit for him. “We didour research and found Minuteman Press to be feasible for us. The financialinvestment fit what we had available, and both Oksana and myself have alwaysbeen consumers of printing products.” Mike also fondly recalls that his fathertook up printing as a retirement hobby: “I remember my dad running his ownoffset press and doing projects. He was happy and that still resonates withme.”

Favorite Thing

Mikeand Oksana Rodzianko opened their Minuteman Press franchise in Manassas in November 2013. They are now two years intoowning their own business, and when asked about his favorite aspect of it all,Mike defers to his wife. “Oksana puts it best when she says the best part aboutwhat we do is seeing a client’s face light up when you hand over a finishedproject.” He adds, “As much as we love the business aspect, those reactionsfrom our customers are what truly matters.”

“Mikeand Oksana have the perfect attitude for owning a Minuteman Press franchise,”says Bob Heimbuch, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for Virginia,Maryland and Washington D.C. “The way they value the high levels of quality andservice they provide shows how much they truly care about their customers.”

Advice to Others

Witheverything he’s been through, Mike offers the following advice to others whoare thinking about starting their own business: “Trust in yourself and keep apositive attitude.”

Soundslike Veteran advice worth heeding.

For more informationon Minuteman Press in Manassas, call Mike and Oksana Rodzianko at (571)208-0782 or check out their website here.

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