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Leaving the Holiday Retail Grind Behind: How Steve Brunk Went from Store Manager to Two-Time Million-Dollar Minuteman Press Franchise Owner

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Steve Brunk once managed two Hallmark stores that took over his life every holiday season. Now, he works regular business hours and owns his second million-dollar Minuteman Press franchise.

VERO BEACH, Fla. – The holidays are coming, and with that there will be the usual influx of Black Friday deals and special promotions designed to drive up retail sales and increase both web and foot traffic. For the estimated 4.3 million people who work as salespeople in the U.S. along and millions of others worldwide, the holiday season also means longer nights, lonelier weekends, and for many of them, holiday hours that force workers to spend less time with their families on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because of the fierce competition from all ends, retailers big and small have pushed up the start time for Black Friday “weekend” to the point where it is not uncommon for stores to open up on Thanksgiving night.

“I could never imagine working on Thanksgiving Day,” laments former Hallmark store manager Steve Brunk. “Thankfully, I got out when I did, because Black Friday was crazy enough.”

Using Retail Skillset as an Entrepreneur

As the manager of two Hallmark stores, Brunk was tasked with the very same challenges that retailers face today. “On one hand, you have to keep your store sales up and go all-in during holiday crunch-time. On the other hand, you have to balance a hectic work schedule with your family life, which is virtually impossible during the holiday rush.” He adds, “So much is on the line during the holidays, and I got to a point where I just didn’t want to do that anymore.”

Using his retail sales experience and customer service skills, Steve Brunk found a way to leave the retail grind behind and reclaim his free time on evenings, weekends, and most importantly, holidays. He did so by researching and ultimately investing in his first Minuteman Press franchise in Boca Raton, Florida. “Working as a manager of two Hallmark stores, I knew I had the skillset required to run my own business. Minuteman Press gave me that platform to jump from the retail sector and become an entrepreneur, and I am forever grateful for that opportunity.”

Building Two Separate Million-Dollar Minuteman Press Centers

After building up his Minuteman Press franchise to a million-dollar business in Boca Raton, Brunk sold his business and moved to Vero Beach. After relocating, Brunk then bought another existing Minuteman Press center, which he also built into a million-dollar franchise. “I love the short reorder cycle of print, especially compared to retail,” he says. “In retail, you sit in the store and wait for customers to come to you, and there are no assurances they will come back. With both Minuteman Press centers I’ve owned, the business model enables me to go out there and build my business while the reorders keep coming in. You can’t beat that.”

“Steve Brunk leveraged his retail experience, took the Minuteman Press business model and ran with it,” said Jeff Robey, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for Florida and the Caribbean. “The fact that he was able to find success in two different locations doesn’t surprise me in the least because he followed the Minuteman system and like any entrepreneur, Steve simply knows how to effectively grow his client base.”

Happy During the Holidays

So what are the holidays like for Steve Brunk now that he is his own boss? “Amazing,” he said with a wide smile. “The difference is just incredible, and the feeling is indescribable.”

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