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Thursday, Mar 28, 2019

Jessica Frampton: From waxing to vajacial, here’s what doing one thing damn well looks like

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I love reading and because I know I’ll never be able to read all the books in the world, I had, a few months ago, started reading 5 books at a time. * I try to pretend I am smart sometimes, but it always backfires *

Well, I wanted to read as many books as I could in what little time I had. Fair sentiment; only I wasn’t getting anywhere. Not surprisingly, it would take me twice longer to finish any book, and sometimes, I wouldn’t even focus on the story, instead, on quickly finishing my daily quota of chapters I had to mandatorily get through. Once again, not surprisingly, this silly lifestyle choice didn’t last very long.

Which brings me to the question: In the age of multitasking, should a person really focus on one single thing?


If you look at each category of your life, you’ll see that you spend a disproportionate amount of time in one area. Doing one thing gives you extreme focus. This focus can be channeled towards tasks that lead to mastery instead of trying to dabble in lots of unrelated passions. Focus is how you reach states of flow and achieve results that look impossible.

So imagine my pleasant surprise when I came across Jessica Frampton, co-founder of Toronto’s top waxing franchise Fuzz Wax Bar. Keeping their eyes on the price (i.e. customer satisfaction), and zeroing in on providing only one service (i.e. waxing), here’s a much-needed entrepreneurial parable on how to do just one thing, and do it extremely well.

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Q1. What were the 5 mini-moments of epiphanies leading up to the major ‘aha’ moment that saw the launch of Fuzz Wax Bar in 2012?

Flo and I realized that nail, brow, beauty bars were fairly common and were popping up throughout Toronto. We also knew that dedicated wax bars were already popular in Europe and along the West Coast, but not yet in Toronto. We were discontent with freelancing and had the time to focus on starting a business. Flo and I were already clients in the existing waxing industry. Using our existing knowledge of the waxing industry, we knew what was missing in order to create the best experience for a client.

Q2. For aspiring entrepreneurs, what should be the prelim checklist when diving into the outwardly glamorous, inwardly back-breaking world of entrepreneurship?

Any tough times weren’t thought of as struggles but rather as opportunities to grow and learn. Knowing and having defined roles for both of us helped play a huge role in our success. Here’s the checklist advice:

    • Know your strengths and hire or find a partner who can complement your existing skills.
    • Be prepared to spend money before making money.
    • Trust your gut and your instincts when it comes to running your business.
    • Have a big picture in mind and stay focused on it ALWAYS.
    • Learn all aspects of the business really well, but be able to delegate. You’ll be better able to focus on running the business and not get caught up in running the day to day aspects of it.

Two women entrepreneurs at work.

Q3. In the current and misleading age of multitasking, why did you zero in on waxing to be your Unique Selling Point? What are 5 things Fuzz Wax Bar offers that no one else does in Toronto?

Waxing was already a thriving concept in Europe and on the West Coast but hadn’t yet caught on in Toronto. Fuzz was built from a client’s perspective which has helped differentiate us from other competitors. 5 Things: Membership model, Speed, Affordability, Convenience, and Unisex atmosphere. The desire to turn an uncomfortable experience into something that a client would want to repeat was the main motivation for creating a membership-based model.

Q4. Our work is often the extension of our personalities. What qualities do you and Florence Gaven-Rossavik, co-founder, bring to the table that makes for such a winning collaboration?

Flo: Finances, administration, operations, from a realist’s perspective. Myself: Branding, marketing, corporate culture, in-store experience. Driven by an optimistic outlook.

Our diverse sets of strengths and perspectives help to bring two differing viewpoints together on every aspect of running the business.

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Q5. For a service as intimate as waxing, what are basic, often ignored etiquettes or practice that a customer should ideally keep in mind?

Tipping is definitely not required but it is a nice gesture. Freshening up before a wax not only helps the client feel comfortable but also the Fuzzologists. It’s an intimate service, so this small gesture makes a big difference for everyone involved. Punctuality; with speed waxing, respecting the Fuzzologists and other clients’ time is always appreciated.