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Wednesday, Mar 06, 2019

Eazi-Apps Global Outreach Programme Continues

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Eazi-Apps Global Outreach Programme Continues

Eazi-Apps are proud to announce that their global outreach programme has helped them break into new locations around the world with a particular emphasis on the African market. Delivering powerful mobile solutions to businesses all over the world is something which is at the cornerstone of the Eazi-Apps philosophy. With that being said, Eazi-Apps have now entered the Angolan market which further increases the number of countries globally where Eazi-Apps now have a presence.

Small and medium sized businesses/enterprises (SMB/SME) are the fabric of all communities and provide vital products/services to local residents. However, for many businesses within this sector, the opportunity to compete with larger established businesses has been a frustrating experience as they have not had access to technology to help them essentially punch above their weight. Technology and in particular mobile applications has been a great leveller for the SMB/SME sector as they can engage their customers in new ways through the mobile device.

The Eazi-Apps global outreach programme has helped the company build a presence in over 50 countries and given local entrepreneurs the ability to provide sophisticated solutions to the global business community.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps, commented, “We are really excited about bringing the Eazi-Apps solutions to Angola and other parts of Africa through our partners. We recognise that technology is evolving at a rapid rate and businesses around the world are looking for new ways to build relationships with their customers. The Eazi-Apps business-in-a-box solution is a great way for entrepreneurs to utilise our expertise on a very local level. We are very excited about growing the Eazi-Apps brand to other countries over the next 12 to 18 months as the mobile revolution continues.”

To find out more about the Eazi-Apps global outreach programme, feel free to contact the team today