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Why starting a remodeling company should be your next career move

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Corporate professionals have found starting a remodeling company with DreamMaker gave them what they were looking for, and you can too

Are you looking for the next move in your career? You may have found it right here. Many DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen® franchisees started in corporate careers in entirely different industries, but found that starting a remodeling company with our franchise was the right opportunity for them to get something a little different out of their lives. And with the systems, support and mentoring we have in place, they also found an easier transition into entrepreneurship.
A kitchen with light-brown marbled countertops, white cabinets and a hardwood floor. Part of the dining room can be seen to the side, with red-cushioned seating, a wooden table and a large bay window.

At DreamMaker, we help our franchisees pursue a higher quality of life as they serve clients and build the business.

Finding purpose through business ownership

The corporate world can be lucrative, but some people feel it’s just not for them. Or maybe they simply feel that they’ve reached a point in their career where they’ve done all they can, and are looking for a new challenge. Entrepreneurship can be the perfect way to build a fulfilling and rewarding career.

“I woke up one day and realized I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do,” says Huntsville, AL, franchisee Brent Bailey. Bailey was an executive at an appliance company before leaving to open a DreamMaker franchise. “I thought, ‘I’m crunching numbers; I’m not being creative; and I’m not having the impact I want to have.’ I’ve always had a yearning to have my own business that could incorporate my design skills.”

Our systems and experienced team can help support franchisees coming from any industry. No remodeling experience is required, just the talent and spirit of an entrepreneur.

“Some people think that you have to be a remodeler in order to join DreamMaker, and I think I’m proving that that’s not the case,” says Waco, TX, franchisee Johnny Snyder, a former sports medical executive. “Since they provide the system and everything else, not being a remodeler is a non-issue.”

Starting a remodeling company for yourself, but not by yourself

Of course, starting a company can be a scary leap to make. The corporate world can feel stable and steady, even to someone yearning for something different. But DreamMaker makes that transition easier. Our home improvement franchise has an entire system in place to help you start, operate and grow your business. We have extensive training and ongoing support to help you with marketing, effective sales techniques and managing your profit margins.

“Franchising is a very powerful tool for us,” says Southern Lakes, WI, franchisee Jay Nutting, a former automotive engineer. “I think it’s very easy to think of your Subways and your McDonalds and think that’s what franchising means. But there’s different brands and there’s different services out there that use the franchising model to build powerful businesses and brands. Marketing, vendors, internal expertise — those are just a few of the things on the surface that I can really benefit from thanks to the power of franchising.”
Franchisee Jay Nutting and his wife and son pose for a family photo near a wooden wagon in a field.

“I think it’s very easy to be sucked up into careers and corporations and lose focus on what’s really most important in your life,” says franchisee Jay Nutting. “For me, it’s my family.”

Building your own path

One of the most important benefits our franchisees have seen from starting their own remodeling companies has been the ability for them to take time for what’s most important, even as they work hard to serve clients and grow the business.

“There’s more freedom,” says Nutting. “In corporate America you may have to work until 7 at night to finish a quote or a bid. I may still do that myself — being a company owner there’s gonna be long days, there’s gonna be long hours — but I also have the option to go pick up my son from school in the afternoon, bring him home and then get back to the desk. Taking the time to spend with my family is very critical.”

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