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Calling ALL Beautypreneurs! Have you been dreaming of having your own Sculpt Pod Store? Are you a wellness and health advocate that desires to help people meet their weight loss goals? If so, you will be excited about our new Sculpt Pod Storefront Licensing Agreement. Welcome to your New Healthy Obsession!

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The Sculpt Pod
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $50,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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The Sculpt Pod

What Is a Sculpt Pod
The Sculpt Pod is a luxurious, powered massage system fused with the highest form of red light and infrared heat ergonomically situated within a personal machine to provide an exhilarating experience and help people get a healthier mind and body so they can live life to the fullest.

The Sculpt Pod is a combination of: 

  • Infrared heat
  • Red light therapy
  • Hot Cream (Cellulite and fat reduction Cream)
  • Vibration massage system 

It has many life-enhancing benefits that would excite and delight anyone turning them into lifelong loyal customers.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Melting fat like torchlight over butter
  • Tightening skin resulting in anti-aging effects
  • Resetting metabolism and reigniting energy
  • Accelerating the natural healing process
  • Banishing cellulite leading to a perfectly shaped and toned figure

What is The Sculpt Pod Licensing Agreement Program?
For a limited time, we are running a promotion for $49,999.  This is an unbelievable price to receive all of the following:

  1. One Sculpt Pod
  2. Starter Pack of Cleaning Products
  3. Starter Pack of Neck Drapes
  4. One Gallon of Organic Sculpt Pod Hot Cream
  5. Training Manual for Usage
  6. One Retractable Sign for Entryway
  7. 250 Starter Pack of Brochures
  8. Media Kits for Reposting
  9. One Red Light “ Secret Sauce” Mat
  10. Sculpt Pod Email Address
  11. 3 Months of Targeted Marketing with Digital lMarketing Solutions
  12. Sculpt Pod Cellulite Reduction Oil (Gallon)
  13. Training certificate
  14. Fashion cabinet
  15. Point of Sale System (iPad)
  16. Square credit card processor
  17. Fashion seating (chairs or bench)
  18. Fashion rug
  19. Fashion full length mirror
  20. Personal mini refrigerator for bottled water
  21. Right to use Trademarked name
  22. Membership Contract Form
  23. Waiver and Policy Release Form
  24. Continual Marketing Boost from our Social Media Pages
  25. You will become part of our nationwide Groupon with five star reviews bringing instant clientele

This agreement is an exclusive licensing agreement to own a Sculpt Pod store front inside of a salon suite. You will be trained to be a Sculpt Pod technician and able to operate at your own Sculpt Pod location. You will have the right to use the Sculpt Pod for the purpose of body contouring and weight loss services. Under the licensing agreement you will be allowed to sell sessions, memberships, packages or anything concerning use of the Sculpt Pod.

To qualify for the licensing agreement, you will need to purchase the Licensing Sculpt Pod package and submit a signed lease at a luxury salon suite in an approved area. We will provide everything else to make your turnkey location beautiful as well as setting you up for success. A typical salon suite setting is anywhere from $200-$350 per week, averaging about $1,000 per month in overhead.

Is it a Franchise? WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE- this is a licensing agreement, which allows you to sell other products in your store front besides just SCULPT POD Sessions. However, our General liability insurance will only cover our services with Sculpt Pod. You will need to obtain other Insurance for anything else you might be selling inside your store front.

Will There Be Any Marketing For My Specific Location?
Licensees are able to use all information on the website and Sculpt Pod Social Media accounts for marketing purposes. The Licensing package comes with a 3-month direct targeted campaign for your storefront. If you choose to continue with the campaign after the 3 month period, you may purchase those services directly from the marketing lead at that time. 

We will provide a nationwide groupon/living social one-time trial for new clients only. It is a marketing plan for a one-time trial session to get customers in the door to purchase a package or membership.

Estimated And Potential Earnings
With one Sculpt Pod System:

30 Clients per month at 16 Session Package at $599

Earnings to Client/Wellness Center: $17,970 


Inquire today to discuss your future as Sculpt Pod Store Front Owner!

The Sculpt Pod Video

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