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Own a dealership that provides residual income year after year. Personal Security Booklet provides security information directories to businesses. Learn more about joining our team, now!

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Personal Security Booklet
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $15,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Personal Security Booklet - Business Opportunity

About Us
Have you ever been so FRUSTRATED? It is terrible being asked for a pin number/password, then getting the answer wrong…while still feeling confident that you knew the answer! Who can keep up with which password goes to which account…and then they want you to change the answer every so many months.  Adding more pressure to keep the answer unique to their account. We have the tool for you!

Own a dealership that provides residual income year after year. 

These personal security information directors are provided to: 

  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Realtors
  • Builders
  • Bridal Shops
  • And More!

Providing a durable personal information security directory for:

  • Logins
  • Passwords
  • User names
  • Pins
  • Security questions
  • Prescription lists
  • Credit card information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Birthdays
  • Phone/Emails

Unique Gifts for Clients
Successful businesses love our 1000 free durable Personal Security Information Directories. 80% of advertisers are renewing their ads, plus, we have a waiting list to cover those who did not renew.

Be Excited About This Kind of Income

Gross Sales $12,000*

Approximate Net Profit $9,550*

*based on 20 ads sold per directory

The Advantages of Purchasing a Territory

Protected Territory

  • No rush hour
  • No fighting daily traffic
  • No scheduling
  • No pressure to produce results
  • Dress as you please. Coat and tie not only not necessary — but looks out of place.

Little or No Competition
We have yet to contact a business offering what we have, at zero cost to themselves. 

Quality Product
The Personal Security Information Directory is not the directory of years gone safe-guards your pertinent informaiton such as logins, passwords, pin numbers, prescription medications, etc. 

Open to All
Regardless of gender, race, educations, experience, age - it doesn't matter. 

The Market is High
Territories are large enough for you to expand - should you wish to do so. 

Very Low Investment
Compare to many opportunities costing tens of thousands of dollars more. 

Unique Dealer Set-Up
We have set this program up in a way that is designed for you retrieve most, if not all, your investment back by the time you finish your second project. 

No Ongoing Royalties 
We charge the lowest price you will find. Because of our huge purchasing power, and our complete in shop control - you will be serviced with the best product at the lowest price. 

Dealer Support

  • We will integrate our successful and proven system with you.
  • We will provide you with ongoing telephone support for as long as you need our help.
  • We will provide you with fresh ideas that are always evolving in the field.We will do all we can to make you more successful
  • in business. When your business grows… our business grows.

How This Program Works

What makes this program so attractive to businesses?

  • A business, such as a realtor, has a useful, necessary product that their customers will use. It costs them
    $0… and they have a high quality personal security information directories to gift to their customers
    upon doing business with them.
  • Our program requires only minimal eff ort on their part. All they have to do is let the dealer know the
    businesses that they already interact with. They do not need to go out and solicit ads.

So how does it work?

  • We supply the realtor (or other business) with 1,000 high quality full color personal security information
  • The realtor’s information will go on the front cover and theywould be given one page to introduce
    themselves, thank customers, and promote their relationship with the advertisers.
  • It has been our experience that new homeowners really like the idea of being able to take product that
    has a practical use and they can enjoy for years.

How do I make money with this?

  • The entire program is nanced and supported by local business and organizations that want to be associated and identied with the realtor (bank, church, bridal show) and to be featured and recommended by the realtor to the entire community.
  • A maximum of 16 local businesses will appear on the inside front and back cover with their name, logo, phone #, etc., these business usually already do business with the realtor and are part of a referral net-work. The business on the inside cover usually pay $495 for a one unit ad. The Outside back cover is the “primo” position for advertisers and they will normally pay $2950. Advertisers that want either a half page interior ad ($695) or a full size interior ad  ($995) can be accommodated as well.
  • Growing your business by hiring commission based sales reps can exponentially expand your potential. Please reference gures on the Income Potential yer.
  • Your creativity for focusing on dierent businesses such as realtors, churches, car dealerships, bridal shops, home builders, banks can develop your reputation as a reputable business with a quality product.
  • Expanded territories are now available on a rst come, rst serve basis. So if you like people and making money— call for additional start-up information.

Your Personal Trainer
In order to assure your success, we are going to provide you with a “personal” trainer who will fill you in on every aspect of this business - in so far as your sales presentation goes, all the little idiocyncracies of this fascinating business will become part of your interview with potential advertisers. 

Your personal trainer and your constant link to your tie with corporate. He will give you all the knowledge you’ll need to be successful - not just once but anytime you need help. That’s his job -  to make sure your taking advantage of all the nuances of this business. Don’t forget - your profits are our profits. The more money you make the more profit headquarters makes.

We train and provide support to our dealers throughout the country. We will show you how to make this business you have invested in — a smashing success. Direct one-on-one face-to-face training.

Smarter Tools Get More Done
Video conferencing is a global solution for small businesses. Your business can work better with face-to-face video calls for training and support. Now you can easily share products and designs, in real time, and know we are available for you any time you need us.




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