Parker-Anderson Enrichment, Inc.

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Parker-Anderson Enrichment offers the most diverse selection of after school programs that any franchise has to offer - from chess to fashion design to science programs, we have it all! We provide franchisees with a proven concept and system and a solid ground floor opportunity. Check out this franchise today!

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    $37,380 to $109,500
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    St. Van Nuys, CA

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Parker-Anderson Enrichment, Inc.

Welcome to Parker-Anderson Enrichment! Exciting programs…at school…after school!
For over twenty-five years, Parker-Anderson Enrichment has offered the most diverse selection of after school programs that any franchise has to offer.  Our motto is “Fun Comes First,” our intention is to educate through hands-on learning, and our hope is that students around the world can share in our abundant array of classes.

We offer a multi-program franchise with a broad selection of classes for after school, summer camps, and community centers. Everyone will be excited about the possibilities.  Parents and schools will quickly see that they do not have to look beyond Parker-Anderson Enrichment for their various enrichment program needs.  Relationships last for years,  and the revenue generated by your company, should you choose a Parker Anderson Enrichment franchise, is substantial and rewarding.

Here is the process to become a franchisee:
Through a series of phone calls and emails, we will introduce you to the Parker-Anderson Enrichment business model and get to know you better.  We want to learn about what your interests are and why you might like to be part of a business supporting the interests of young students.  Let us fill you in on the many aspects of owning a Parker-Anderson Enrichment business.

What kind of after school programs do you offer?

  • Multiple Science Programs
  • Multiple Lego Robotics Programs
  • Chess
  • MatheMagic
  • Mock Trial
  • Fashion Design
  • Multiple Art Programs
  • Birthday Parties
  • School Assemblies
  • Summer Camps

 Who are your clients?
Public and Private schools, Community Centers, Summer Camps, Birthday party families

What makes your program stand out from others?
Whether developing Chess classes or Robot-building workshops, Jamie Anderson and Josh Parker, the founders, have always known that if  "”Fun Comes First,” learning comes next!!  That, and a “one-stop shopping" experience for busy school administrators and working parents makes Parker-Anderson an obvious choice for enrichment.

A proven business model .
When schools expect something good and get the best, you become a part of their family.

  • Over 25 years of experience in after school enrichment
  • More than 200 schools in the Los Angeles area alone
  • North Orange County, California Franchise – going on 30
    schools in two years
  • State-of-the-art website which basically runs your business, offering screen cast “how-to’s” for every step
  • CORE and STEM friendly – building fun and exciting gateways to understanding from Math Concepts to Creative Thinking

We want to provide franchisees with:

  • A proven concept, system and process
  • A solid ground floor opportunity
  • A platform to develop and use business skills
  • A lifestyle that has flexibility and room for other interests

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