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The most amazing business opportunity in the history of everything. No franchise fees, no royalties, no competition. Being 1st to market in your exclusive territory, a $300,000 annual net income could be yours.

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Hang Up Garment Covers


What are you waiting for?
The most amazing business opportunity in the history of everything. No Franchise Fee, No Royalties, No Competition.  Dry Cleaners must have our product. They will either pay for what they have now or get up to 50,000 Hang Up Garment Covers for FREE.  Make more money in one month than most earn in a year!

No competition and being the first to market. A $300,000 annual net income could be yours.

Protected areas are going fast and will not last.

Amazing In-Home Marketing, Huge Impact!
It's the first media advertising the public will see every morning when they get dressed.

Easy & Simple to do & Extremely Profitable
This is residual income. Once a Drycleaner has our Hang Up Garment Covers as part of their business operations, they can not do without them year after year.

Our company, PUBLISHERS GUILD, has been in business for over 20 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The initial investment of $14,900 is typically recovered in the first 30 days.  Because we are so confident in your success, we are going to give you your first 50,000 Hang Up Garment Covers for free.  You get to keep the entire first $6,000 in advertising revenue!

Advantages of Purchasing a Hang Up Garment Cover Dealership:

  • Very Low Investment
  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • No Franchise Fees or Royalties
  • Protected Territories
  • Open to Anyone
  • No Inventory
  • Home Based
  • 80% residuals you can count on every year

The Hang Up Garment Cover is the Silent salesman
Our display is placed on the counter and is designed to collect business cards left by customers interested in advertising on Hang Up Garment Covers. The results are just amazing!

Training & Support
Detailed one on one training

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Hang Up Garment Covers is not currently an active advertising client and is therefore not accepting inquiries from our website.

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