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Come with any background and train to operate a personal day trading business trading one of our Corporate funded accounts and you keep 60% or 80% of your trade profits. Trade from anywhere, any time of day, any day, for as much as you want. Just with a laptop you can profit as much as many multi-location franchise operations.

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Day Trading Franchises
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $25,000
Total Investment $18,000 - $36,000
Financing Assistance Available
Year Founded 2008
# of Existing Units 60
Franchising Since 2011
Training & Support Yes
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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Day Trading Franchises - Franchise

Day trading is the action of investing money in the markets for very short periods. This business trains you online to trade online a real money account we provide you and you keep 60% to 80 % of the profits. The corporation takes a small piece from several business owners trading its money to propagate the on-going activity.

Most of our business owners put a small portion of money from our Corporate funded account in the markets for just minutes at a time to earn a profit. They do this a few times over the course of a couple of hours for the income they seek. These can be any hours of the day.

All of the financial markets in the world trade about $5,500,000,000,000 ($5.5 trillion) dollars daily. Given this massive financial flow there is no need to create any more business with marketing, sales, creating a service or product, etc. to get money. Our product is already in the form of money. Using your computer and the internet, you will simply learn to dip into this market and remove your share of its profits. As an analogy, at first it will be a thimble full of cash earnings each time. In time it can be a barrel full of cash earnings each time. The larger the Corporate account you can handle the more you can interact with the market and the more you can earn or remove.

We are looking to further diversify our Corporate trade account by establishing day trading businesses throughout the nation. We formally set you up as a business and even help you with training, tax preparation, we show you trades, etc. so you can make and keep as much money as you earn. You act independently trading whenever and wherever you want for as much or as little as you want. Based upon your training depends upon how big your account is and how much you keep. Many of our day traders use the same technology, techniques, and tools we provide to simultaneously trade their own money earned from this business and they keep 100% of those profits.


Day trading our proprietary system refined over 20+ years is simple and ready for you to begin earning profits without so many of the other typical business expenses, personal guarantees and liabilities, regulatory requirements, effort, and more.

We will train you and work with you 1-to-1 for personalized fast started and on-going success. We will set you up in a fully functional business and remain supportive of your operations and on-going success.

Day trading is a near pure cash flow business with a high profit margin and flexible schedule. The earnings potential is substantial and can be equivalent to the net profits of a multi-franchise business operation. Further, it often is a financial cash flow engine with little time requirement that can support other ventures and ambitions you may have. It is the ideal first and on-going business.

With today’s technology, techniques, and tools day trading creates more financial security, wealth, and millionaires than any other endeavor. With our system it can do so simply, inexpensively, and swiftly.



  • We TRAIN You – Virtually any background works. We provide 1-to-1 personalized training.
  • We FUND You – We provide a guaranteed account and provide additional funds with your positive account growth and demonstrated ability to accept more Corporate funding for your increased earnings.
  • We SHOW You – We provide daily webinar training and trades for continual professional development. We also provide monthly executive seminars for extensive continued training.
  • We SIGNAL You – We provide you with 20+ year operating trade indicators continually during market hours to support your success.
  • We SUPPORT You – We provide personalized coaching and mentoring and live support by phone, chat, text, email, webinar, seminar, etc. Our support to your success is abundant.
  • You TRADE – Simply identify and place appropriate trades a couple hours a day, any hours of the day in one or more trade sessions, most days, and from home or anywhere.
  • You PROFIT – Keep 60% or 80% of your profits depending upon your business structure.



  • If you are looking to build a business team that can then ultimately carry on the business without your direct involvement, then we can also introduce to you are Marketing Agency Traditional Business.
  • We recommend first starting with our Personal Day Trading Business to develop working knowledge and success with day trading and increase your awareness and inside knowledge of our operations. Then, if desired become a Corporate Partner with a Marketing Agency.
  • We license about a dozen or so Marketing Agencies over a year’s time. It is a highly exclusive offering with four or more revenue streams. Two direct sales incomes and two monthly subscription residual incomes that can create a rapid high five figure monthly income and onward growth.



Since 2008 we have been setting men and women up in their own private day trading businesses. Our well-established system will have you training and trading as quickly as you desire. We recommend the following:

  • A Call - A call to understand your needs, desires, and readiness. This will also allow you to initially assess our fit with you. You may call us or register and we will reach out to you.
  • Trade Demo Trial - Try our day trading system with our Trade Demo Trail. This allows you to experience our day trading system and see if it is a fit for you before needing to make any further decisions. There is a nominal fee of $10 to access needed data, software, etc. We provide 1-to-1 online live personalized coaching to accelerate your positive and successful experience winning trades in the financial markets. You have 30 days, but expect the Trade Demo Trial to last about two weeks meeting online about every 2 to 3 days.
  • Business Discussion – With some experience with our day trading system and organization, we find this is the best time to talk business specifics and your potential as a business owner with our group. This has you in the most informed position to best consider a day trading business decision.
  • Business Start And Training - Initiate establishing your business with your buy-in payment and start immediate initial training and trading. Training and trading is done online. You can elect to have a 2 day on-site side-by-side training retreat as well.
  • Account Funding – At about the mid-point in your training, you will be provided a real money funded account for you to begin trading for profits. It will be an initial starter account of $2,000 to $5,000. We recommend our business structure that then adds an average of about $10,000 a month to that account with positive account growth up to $100,000. From that seed money you can leverage greater account sizes. This rate of growth allows you to develop the skill needed to handle greater amounts of trade money for a smooth transition to increasing market participation. This is called trade psychology development.
  • Additional Account Funding - With positive account growth, deposits of additional funding into your trade account can accelerate you into greater profits.
  • On-Going Support – While you will be moving on with your business, we remain available with on-going support.



As a courtesy to serious minded business prospectors, we feel strongly about the importance of choosing the right business. Naturally this relies upon many important factors, but three foundational consideration in today’s business and social climate might be the first considerations we suggest.

  1. Does It Create Natural Revenue? Is the franchise or business naturally profitable? Is the revenue uniform throughout the year without seasonal highs and lows. This is the first consideration. Not every business is worth investing in. The operation of some businesses can require extraordinary expenses, time and effort, marketing expense, regulatory considerations, too much service and product delivery cost and effort, and on. We recommend stepping back and really assessing if a business under consideration is capable of essentially providing some sort of natural revenue. You do not want to have to fight for every dollar. Some of it needs to organically flow to you. Our business does just that by naturally tapping into the largest organic monetary flows.
  2. Is It Location Constrained? As soon as your business has a location, a territory, a mobile geographic limitation, etc., the income potential of the business is capped. To increase your income you need another location which means more expenses, time, and liability. Further, the rules of our society and what we can expect from our public officials and safety services has changed. Do you want a business that can be closed or slowed by being claimed as non-essential or too risky to operate? How about a physical location that can be jeopardized by social causes that create unrest and fear to approach your location, street construction that can limit business access for months, going up against a competitor with a better location, etc. Many big franchisors are starting to require more than one location purchase so that an average revenue from more than one location can support a location in jeopardy. This concern is that common of a reality. We are not location constrained and can maintain revenue regardless of the economic or social issues of the day.
  3. Do You Really Want To Make Money? The purpose of a business is to make money with as little expense, effort, and liability as possible and then have the potential to scale and leverage. Only by doing so can you achieve the lifestyle of a business owner that make business ownership worthwhile. Otherwise work for someone else and let them accept the hassles. Many businesses have huge land, building, equipment, labor, material, regulatory, and other costs. Until you grow into the resources to support these business burdens, look for a business that is lighter on expenses and more agile in profit making. Steer away from what might be fun, hobby like, the best fit with your specific skills if such a business is not the right first or second business. Remember if you want to make big money, you must go where the big money flows. Unless you are manufacturing hundreds and thousands of units at a time, then if you are making and selling services and products on the near few at a time basis for just tens and hundreds of dollars then you are just not on a trajectory for big money and the business owner lifestyle you need and desire. We are accessing the greatest cash flows on earth and we can get you into big money with essentially the least effort and least cost of anything we know exists.

Undoubtedly, there are other business consideration. However, we feel strongly enough that the above foundation of a business should be in place to create the basis of a viable business. Our business offering ideally addresses the above and other business consideration to create the ideal first and additional business endeavors.


The market of focus is open all hours from Sunday at 5 pm Eastern to Friday at 5 pm Eastern.

Day trading is known for creating profits as well involved the risk of loss.  Your potential for profits is accelerated by trading our Corporate funds.  Your risk of loss is mitigated by trading our Corporate funds.  Past results may not be indicative of future results.

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