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Earn a living making a difference for kids! College Choice Today is a highly profitable, home-based business that helps college-bound students determine their path to success. Using our proven model, distributors have no inventory, flexible hours & unlimited earning potential. With 41M potential clients & growing, we need your help. Inquire today!

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College Choice Today

If you have ever dreamed of launching your own business, we have the tools and the know how to help you succeed. Or, if you are already in business for yourself, we can help you add additional products to make your solutions more robust and your practice more profitable.
College Choice Today® Strategic Partners use our products and services to support the services they offer to their clients, such as targeted college and career planning and selection, financial aid, areas of study and the development of your unique story that allows you to stand out during career and college selection. All of our strategic partners have one thing in common: they are passionate about working with students and parents.
While it is deeply rewarding in the long run, many business owners have to navigate sizeable obstacles in the beginning. Part of that process includes a trial-and-error period building effective systems for management, adopting the best technologies for running the business and offering services, and investing in marketing resources to build the brand.
Our services provide the student and family the ability to make an informed decision on career and school, making sure they have a pathway to success.
College Choice Today® has all the necessary tools and know how to help you succeed. Through industry leading training, a ready-made solution, and support, CCT equips each of its Strategic Partners with the skill and marketing prowess to start making a difference immediately.
Eliminating the guesswork of starting a business is an immediate benefit of being a Strategic Partner. When you join the College Choice Today® family you will immediately gain access to our management systems developed using the latest cloud and mobile technology. Benefit from the most effective systems in the industry to begin your venture, armed with all the advantages of a veteran business owner.
We also provide the technology that will work best for you and the customer. Because we have been in our industry for a long time, we have chosen and developed the tools that are most effective. College Choice Today® will arm you with every tool and tech support that you need to build a long-lasting, profitable business.
Not only does this service save you money, but it also saves you the time you would have spent picking and discarding the myriad of technologies sold to business owners these days. Our support is trustworthy and validated by our aggressive growth rate, so you can trust the tools we offer.
Perhaps the most important part of owning a business is your brand. The long-term obstacle for any business is building name recognition-and, on top of that, creating a customer base that trusts your name to repeatedly use your services. Creating customer loyalty can take years, and that only becomes possible if your name gains traction among the dozens of already established competitors you may have in your area.
Brand recognition that transforms into brand loyalty is invaluable, but also requires deep and precise strategy. If you are not a professional marketer, chances are that many of your efforts will go to waste as you discover what works and what does not.
Owning your business provides an invaluable benefit: you are beginning your business wielding the strength of an established brand, with years of development, marketing, and effort available to you on your first day. From that day forward, all your work will be devoted to managing your market and running your business. With built-in brand reputation and customer trust, you simply have to target your marketing efforts and let the brand do the heavy lifting for you.
College Choice Today® sees our Strategic Partners for what they are: entrepreneurs, men and women with big dreams who only need an opportunity. We believe in giving you that opportunity, and we don't just mean until your grand opening. College Choice Today® offers the ongoing support of a dedicated team of coaches and entrepreneurs who have been where you are, who can counsel you toward the most effective practices and away from the pitfalls of a new business owner. We also provide you with the power of corporate culture, which includes deep resources and education.
Will benefit to have connections within schools and educational resources. A willingness to be an advocate for students and their families. A desire to achieve success through helping others.
When your small business has all the power and reach of a national corporation, your success can truly be built on your ingenuity and hard work.  No obstacle, no lack of knowledge, and no lack of resources will keep you from doing what you have always dreamed of achieving.

So if you are highly motivated, professional, enjoy making money while helping others and tired of working for someone else – Act now and get started today!

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