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Feel great about helping kids learn to code while they are having a blast. We are rolling out our amazing program across the country and you can be a part of a new childhood education revolution.

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Code Ninjas
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Total Investment $128,000 - $223,000
Financing Assistance Available
Training & Support Yes

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Code Ninjas - Franchise

“Creating the Problem Solvers of Tomorrow”

What is coding?

You’ve heard about it. Almost everything you use daily either uses it or was created by it. It might look like a bunch of jumbled letters and characters to you, but what is it really?
Simply, code is the instruction computers use to power objects that affect our daily lives —phones, computers, cars, appliances, and everything in between.

Why is coding important for children?

Improves creative thinking skills.
Let’s be honest, not everyone is great at math or science. With coding, they don’t need to be. Coding strengthens creative thinking skills by teaching students to use their brains in new, fun ways to solve a set of problems.

Builds self-confidence.
In coding, there is no right solution. That means students are empowered to explore and discover their own set of rules — giving them the freedom and rewards of succeeding on their own.

Teaches a new language.
It’s no secret that learning any new language is easier when taught early. The same goes with coding. When taught to children, the skills learned from coding have the power to positively impact them the rest of their lives — from the actual technical knowledge to improving collaboration, communication, creative thinking, logical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Helps subject mastery.
Whether through traditional lessons or game playing, programming always leads student to increase their knowledge. The more they practice, the more they understand what inputs effect certain outcomes n— in turn, helping them think critically on their way to mastering the task at hand.

Strengthens collaboration.
Often, programming is a team effort that utilizes the individual strengths of all. One person might be the head coder while another specializes in visual design. This collaborative effort not only leads to a better end product, but is actually more fun.

Encourages curiosity.
Children are naturally curious. As a coder, they’ll transition from asking “Why?” to challenging “Why not?” With the freedom to explore during the development process, children will become increasingly confident as they turn their questions and actions into successful results. 

It’s just fun.
Children love to have fun. You love for them to learn. By collaborating with other children in an empowering environment, your child will learn new skills while they play — and you’ll see their improving progress. Win, win.

Why is Code Ninjas important?

We make learning fun.
At Code Ninjas, our child will learn to code apps and video games with great friends and industry-leading professionals in a safe, inspiring and inviting environment.

We offer a better curriculum.
Our world-class curriculum goes deeper than what your child will experience within school programs, coding boot camps, or even online courses.

We track and reward progress.
As a parent, you want to know if your child is improving. Our reward system will encourage students to continue learning, growing and collaborating — as they earn literal badges of honor along the way.

Code Ninjas Video

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Press Releases & Awards

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