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6-Figure Potential Working Just 24-36 Hours a Week as a Marketing Coach...Really? Not just a business…a Great LIFESTYLE! With Ascend Marketing, help small businesses get more customers and more profit with our Principle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program.

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Ascend Marketing, Inc
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $12,000
Training & Support Yes

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Ascend Marketing, Inc - Franchise

Help small businesses get more customers and more profit with our Principlle-Centered Marketing™ Coaching Program. They’ll love you, and you make great money an enjoyable way, with our 20-year track record of success, giving clients a multiple Return On Investment GUARANTEE.

You can...

  • Potentially make $250/hr or MORE
  • Operate from home, by phone, and internet
  • Earn full-time income, working less than full-time hours
  • Complete systems provided, including lead generation, and marketing programs
  • Get intensive, up-front training, and on-going training all year long
  • The system has a vested interest in your success, so you get incredible support, including help closing sales

More reasons to become a PCM Coach…

  • Serve clients worldwide, but enjoy geographic protection from local competition
  • Enjoy the prestige of a true professional, yet go to work in shorts and flip-flops if you like
  • Take extended vacations, perhaps multiple times a year, without sacrificing income
  • Have complete control over your time
  • Conduct business - even sell - from anywhere on the planet
  • Eliminate commuting, rush-hour traffic, all the hassles and, instead, enjoy more free time, and lower expenses
  • Enjoy all the tax advantages of business ownership
  • Not multi-level marketing and not an Internet business scam, but there are multiple income streams and residual income
  • No fancy equipment required.  Just phone lines, a computer, and a connection to the Internet
  • No employees to hire unless you want to.  If you do hire employees, you don't need to "office" them.  All they need is a phone, computer, and Internet connection

Because we GUARANTEE results for clients, candidates must qualify to become licensed, certified Principle-Centered Marketing Coaches.

You must bring to the table...

  • Moderate writing skills
  • People skills sufficient to credibly consult clients
  • A willingness to work a marketing plan and close business

Your investment is protected with our Profit Perfect GUARANTEE

As long as you make a good-faith effort to work the program, we GUARANTEE enough sales to recover your entire investment in applying, and in being trained, licensed and certified. 

Imagine a 6-Figure income based on as few as 1 sale a month! Imagine coaching as few as 9 hours a week to generate that income. OR, imagine spending more time generating more sales for your unused capacity, and watch your income soar! 

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