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10 Innovative Ways Franchises are Growing Their Brand
All’s fair in love and war, and in recent times, that saying might go on to list “business” as a place where anything goes. With the number of services growing and a market that becomes more and more competitive by the day, it’s a fact that’s caused some business owners to play dirty. The ones who are smart, however, aren’t diving in deep, they’re approaching things from a new perspective and working smarter, not meaner. It’s a method that is growing in popularity after seeing some seriously impressive results. Besides, when you’re able to come up with a creative idea, no one else is doing the same thing as you, right? That means more business, more interest about your unique approach, and a seriously intriguing way to do something that might have been around for years. Is your way better? Maybe, maybe not – but folks will surely be lined up to find out for themselves.
This hook can work all on its own, while others use the “hey look what we’re doing over here” method as a way to improve their marketing efforts … it’s more of a grass roots approach. Either way, the efforts seem to be working.
1. Opposite Services
Have you ever heard of a bike shop that sells recycled beer kegs? What about massage companies offering vouchers for healthy meals? Whatever seemingly opposite services might come to mind, companies are grabbing hold of this trend and seeing great results. To date, it’s proved to be an easy way to drum up business, and to offer customers more bang for their stop. (Two available services with a single errand.) Besides, the allure will bring in curious shoppers, too – just because no one else is doing what you are.
2. The Classic Approach
Burgers like grandpa made them! A hundred years with the same carpet-cleaning methods! More than 50 years of repairing dented cars – all of these marketing methods have been extremely successful. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – and that’s exactly what these folks are doing. They’ve found a method that works, and they’re holding on for the long haul.
3. Charity Events/Donations
We all want to do more for others, but the percentage of those who actually do more is a much smaller number. That’s exactly why brands are offering incentives to those who donate – either goods or dollars – and congratulating them for their efforts. Customers are able to “earn” something for being a good Samaritan, and can feel better about themselves in the process.
4. Diving into Themes
No matter if it’s a holiday, a company-made event, or something random that’s celebrated by the masses, folks love a good theme. It’s something to get excited about, just because it’s different and lends itself to some limited-time products or services. And as a business owner, it’s about as good of an excuse for a sale as they come, even if the event is the sale itself.
5. Community Over Competition
This mantra is growing hugely, and is allowing brands who are in direct competition of one another to team up and partner toward a common goal. Better still is when outside brands are able to band together. In this type of situation everyone is bringing something new to the table, and they are able to benefit from others’ expertise. Networking and additional professional projects are bound to come up along the way, too.
6. Efficiency Tools
Are you keeping track of where your time is spent throughout the day? What about your budget? How about your efforts or planning stages? There are a number of different platforms (some of which are free) that help you reign in all of these services, which creates more pointed work days, and therefore, quicker and larger business growth.
7. Metrics and Analytics
Much like the above, these programs allow businesses to keep track of where they’re growing, and where their efforts are lacking the most. The closer that companies follow these stats, the better idea they have of how their online presence is working, and how they can be adjusted in their favor.
8. Customer Surveys
By asking a few simple questions, companies can gain an understanding of how they’re viewed by customers. This can be done at little to no charge, logged online, and compiled for data that’s easy to read and access at any time. Sounds pretty great, right? Businesses can also offer incentives, like a percentage off, for a better response rate and from a wider customer base.
9. Using What Works
Without stealing business, you can still steal ideas – or maybe you just want to borrow them and make them your own. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a good business move to see what ideas others are making work for them, and utilizing those same methods. It doesn’t have to be within your industry, just find out what lies behind ongoing growth and swing it in a direction that works for you.
10. Never Stop Learning
New ideas are constantly popping up all around you. And if you’re not paying attention, you could miss some great opportunities. Set up Google alerts, attending business growth events, and more – the method you’re using doesn’t so much matter as the fact that you’re always willing to grow. Keep your ears open at all times and remember that the next big thing could fall into your lap at any time.

By Jason Hightower | Jul 28, 2017 | General Franchise Information