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Friday, Oct 18, 2019

Q&A with Lara Olson, Founder and Chief Creative Director of Kidcreate Studio

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In this Franchise Chatter Q&A, we get to learn about Kidcreate Studio from its founder and chief creative director, Lara Olson.

Franchise Chatter (FC):  Tell us about how you came up with the idea for Kidcreate Studio.

Lara Olson (LO):  The idea for the first Kidcreate Studio came after I became discouraged by the limited amount of art exposure my son, Jake, was receiving at school. Jake was experiencing a lot of frustrations in his other classes and found tremendous joy in the creative process of art expression. I could also relate to exactly what Jake felt because I too had gravitated toward art classes as a child for the very same reasons.

After learning that Jake was receiving less than one hour of art instruction at school per week, I knew I needed to find a way to add more art to his education. I knew I didn’t want to just drop Jake off at a sterile, community center or parks and recreation facility, but I struggled to find the right type of place for Jake.

This struggle inspired the founding of Kidcreate Studio. I opened the first location in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 2008.

FC:  Can you tell us about Kidcreate Studio and the services offered?

LO:  Kidcreate Studio is an art studio just for kids! At Kidcreate, we specialize in children’s art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties, for kids 18 months through 12 years of age. Inside our studios and off-site at our On-The-Go classes, children create fridge-worthy art masterpieces while learning about art history, concepts, and techniques.

Our classes provide a fun, self-esteem building atmosphere filled with “I did it” moments. We give children a chance to explore art in an environment full of giggles and grins.

At a time when access to art education in schools is declining, Kidcreate Studio has made it our mission to introduce and expose children to the wonderful world of art by providing high-quality children’s art education. Art teaches children so many things! In addition to teaching creativity, art helps build confidence, helps children learn to solve problems and develop communication skills. Kidcreate is committed to picking up where public art education is becoming more limited.

FC:  What are some of the key differentiators of Kidcreate Studio?

LO:  Kidcreate Studio is the only concept in the country that has both in-studio and On-The-Go classes. Franchisees will appreciate the consistent cash flow and cross marketing opportunities this provides.

Kidcreate Studio is NOT a home business concept; the studio creates a work-life balance by keeping employees and suppliers out of the franchisee’s home. Kidcreate Studio is a brick and mortar business that is designed for kids’ convenience, and comfort, including adjustable kid-size furniture, a mural-wall the kids get to draw on, and pet parakeets the kids can visit with.

Kidcreate Studio also has a retail section in each location — perfect for keeping the creative juices flowing into each child’s home, or picking up a last minute birthday gift.

FC:  What makes Kidcreate Studio an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees?

LO:  With a low initial investment fee of $54,000-$120,000, our concept is not only the perfect “second act” career but also appeals to women looking to get back into the workforce after raising children.

Kidcreate Studio also offers brick and mortar locations and a flexible ‘semi-absentee’ owner structure, which competitors do not.

FC:  What are you looking for in potential franchise owners?

LO:  We are looking for someone who not only wants to make a good living but make a living of doing good. Ideal candidates should have a knack for identifying new ways to grow their business, have the entrepreneurial drive to do so, and are serious about succeeding.

Ideally, we are looking for candidates who are business savvy, positive, outgoing, hard-working, passionate about art education, and want a “do-good” career.

FC:  How many locations does Kidcreate Studio currently have? What are your growth plans for the coming years?

LO:  Kidcreate Studio has two corporate locations in Eden Prairie and Woodbury, Minnesota. With our newly-launched franchise opportunity, we have a goal of reaching 100+ franchise locations through careful and conservative growth with the right partners.

Currently, we do not have any targeted markets for growth — we are mostly dedicated to finding ideal partners to grow with and expand our brand with.

FC:  What are the initial investment and space requirements to open a Kidcreate Studio location?

LO:  Kidcreate Studio offers a low initial investment fee of $54,000-$120,000. A studio’s size can range between 1,000-1,500 square feet with an ideal size being 1,300 square feet.