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Buy a franchise today and be your own boss. offers a fantastic selection of franchises and business opportunities for sale. Browse our franchises by industry, investment level, location and more. With, you can buy the perfect franchise that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Franchises are licenses offered by a company (the franchisor) that allows a third party (the franchisee) to conduct business using the franchisor's business model and brand name. Franchise businesses are beneficial to prospective entrepreneurs as they allow the entrepreneur to minimize start up costs and reduce the overall risk of starting a business on their own. As well, franchises are beneficial to the franchisor as they allow for an easier way to expand the business to new markets.

How to Buy a Franchise

Before you purchase a franchise, there are some facts you should determine in order to make the best possible decision. You should know the costs associated with purchasing a franchise, including the franchise fees, as well as the scope of franchisor control, which in some cases may be very specific. There are a number of pros and cons which come along with purchasing a franchise, so you’ll want to take your time with this decision & utilize all the resources possible. We have many resources to help you pursue the franchise of your dreams, including a net worth calculator, finance center, & a self survey which can help you determine if franchising is right for you. Finally, our FAQ, franchise fee and franchise agreement pages offers a number of valuable tips for buying a franchise.

As for finding a franchise to buy, Franchise Opportunities offers a number of different methods for you to find the best franchise for you. You can search based on state, industry, or even investment cost. Before assuming you don’t have the capital necessary to purchase your own franchise, you might want to check out our low cost franchises page.